Turkey – Free Range White


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Our Free Range White Turkeys are now available for ordering.

Every aspect of our traditional production method contributes to the good old fashioned taste and flavor that cannot be achieved in any other way. Buchanan’s Turkeys are bred for their old fashioned flavor and grown for longer to full maturity. They are fed on high quality natural feeds and are kept in a caring environment to the highest welfare standards.

The Buchanan’s Turkey that you will order will have been prepared to the highest standards and, to our unique method of production, will have been hung in our temperature controlled maturation chamber to allow the rich traditional flavors to develop fully.

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4Kg (8.8Lb) approx 7-9 people, 5Kg (11Lb) approx 9-11 people, 6Kg (13.2Lb) approx 11-13 people, 7Kg (15.4Lb) approx 13-15 people, 8Kg (17.6Lb) approx 15-17 people, 9Kg (19.8Lb) approx 17-19 people, 10Kg (22Lb) approx 19-21 people, 11Kg (24.3Lb) approx 21-23 people, 12Kg (26.5Lb) approx 23-25 people