Buchanan’s Farm Shop is committed to provide the best quality Northern Ireland meat products that we can deliver for our customers, just like our turkeys we strive to deliver top quality with a difference.


Our beef is all coming from northern ireland and is supplied by possibly one of the smallest meat plants in N.Ireland  (Lakeview Farm Meats).  There whole process is as stress free as possible and attention to detail with an focus on quality.  Most of the beef if not all comes from the Crumlin area from local small family run farms.  When the sides of beef are delivered to us we then hang the beef for a minimum of 28 day in our maturation chamber allowing the beef to dry age and developed a rich flavour.  We then bone out the beef in our shop so with some notice we can provide you with some of the more unusual cuts.

Lamb and Mutton

The Lamb that we sell is coming from our own farm where we mainly run a Texel flock which give a lovely juicy high quality meat.  We hang our lamb in the maturation chamber dry aging the lamb for a minimum of 14 days.  We make a YoYo burger which is our take on a Lamb burger using a blend of Greek spices.  Early in 2016 we tried Mutton and it blew us away with the texture and flavour.


Our pork all come from Grants in Londonderry.  Grants are a long established pork abattoir that source there pigs from N.Ireland.

We take the Loins of pork and dry cure the loin and belly with a blend of salt and sugar and then slice and pack the bacon in our shop.  We make our sausage with the shoulder and add no additional back fat or bell leaving a delicious lean sausage,  we make a range of flavoured sausages using the finest ingredients such as pork and mango, pork and apple, pork and leek, curried pork, honey and mustard, and sweet chilly.  We are always trying new flavours so you never know what you will see next.