We rear Free Range Bronze and Free Range White turkeys.

Our turkeys are all slow-growing breeds that were saved from almost extinction by the Kelly family from Essex.  All of our bronze turkeys are real bronze turkeys in that they have a bronze mummy and daddy unlike most of the supermarket bronze turkeys which are really just black feathered turkeys.  We work with 8 different strains of turkeys which are all hatched on the first week of June which gives us the oldest flock of turkeys in Ireland for Christmas,

This leaves us with a turkey that is mature having good fat cover and fat marbling through the meat.  The 8 different strains are called Tiny, Super Mini, Roly-poly, Wrolstad, Plump, Plumpy plus, Broad-breasted Bronze and Grade maker.

The turkeys are processed on the farm which keeps stress to a minimum.  Everything we do with the turkeys is like turning the clock back by 100 to 150 years or more.  The turkeys are dry plucked and then there are hung in the coldstore to allow them to dry-age just as you would do with good beef.  The turkey used to be hung behind the pantry door before Christmas.